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OEM ODM Non-Plastic Sanitary Pads Paper Pouch Package

OEM ODM Non-Plastic Sanitary Pads Paper Pouch Package

1.Belong to non-coated and non-plastic paper package products.

2.Degradable, can be used to replace the traditional plastic packaging.

3.Heat Sealing,Multi-specification,High Toughness.


  • GSM :

    36/45/50/60/ 70gsm
  • Usage/Application :

    Sanitary Napkin / pads paper package
  • Color :

    White with painting
  • Width :

  • Roll Diameter :

  • Factory :

  • Country Origin :


OEM ODM Non-Plastic Sanitary Pads Paper Pouch Package

According to United Nations data, the world is still producing 400 million tons of plastic per year, of which one-third are only used once.If use our non plastic degradable paper bag can cut down lot of plastic, for example

1,000,000 pieces/125,000 packs of sanitary napkins(280mm specification) can save 400kg of plastic.





Sanitary Pads Paper Bag Characteristic:


1.Green: paper based, degradable, renewable, recyclable,can help to reduce producing and using of non-degradable plastics from the very beginning.

2.Heat sealing: heat sealing products can be adjusted according to the client machine seal strength, and ensure the normal start-up.

3.Comprehensive features: Waterproof, oil-proof, moisture-proof, gas barrier, the product also has a burst-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, high toughness, can completely replace the plastic packaging.




Sanitary Pads Outer Bag Parameter:

Product Name: Degradable non plastic heat sealable paper
Density: 36/45/50/60/70/80 gsm
Product offer: Paper roll/ Pre made paper pouch/  side gusseted paper tube
Advantage: Own our paper mill and coating, painting,cutting and paper pouch made technical
Painting: 1-6 colors painting are acceptable
Heat sealing temperature: 150-180 ℃。
Delivery time: 20-25 days
Loading 1x20gp  13T, 1X40 HG 25.5 T.




Non- Plastic Heat Sealing Paper Offer Styles:


In order to match differrent package machies, we can offer you this non plastic heat sealing paper in paper roll style, pre made paper pouch style and side gusseted paper tube style.The heat sealing temperature is around 150-180 ℃,and  the sealing time is around 0.1s. All the package machines can run with our degradable palstic heat sealable paper.



No Plastic Heat Sealing Paper Applications: