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Is baking paper oil paper?
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Is baking paper oil paper?

Is baking paper oil paper?

September 28, 2023

Parchment Baking Paper


In fact, oil paper is a kind of baking paper. Baking paper in a broad sense includes greaseproof paper, translucent oil paper (also known as glassine paper, oily paper, wax paper) and silicone oil paper. It can be seen from this , parchment paper is a type of baking paper, but baking paper does not exactly refer to parchment paper. Get more details from


1, Grease-proof paper (also known as baking paper, oven paper, steamer paper) the paper surface of this paper is not as bright as oil paper, and its main purpose is to put it under the food when baking bread, cakes, and biscuits to keep the baking pan dry. clean. Its function is to play an oil-proof effect for a certain period of time.


2.Translucent paper (many sellers call it oiled paper, also known as glassine paper, oily paper, axed paper, steamer paper) The surface of this paper has been super calendered, and the surface presents an oily luster. Its usage is basically the same as that of greaseproof paper, the biggest difference is that it is not oil-proof, and its water resistance is not as good as greaseproof paper.


3.Silicone paper (baking paper, baking paper, silicon coated paper) is coated with food-grade silicone oil on the basis of translucent paper or greaseproof paper. The advantages of this kind of paper: the peeling degree is particularly good, the food is the least likely to stick to the paper, and it is resistant to high temperature. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive.

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